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Eli Harwood @Attachmentnerd - How to Get Your Child to do Hard but Necessary Things

June 13, 2023
Episode Summary:
There are hard things we should get our kids to do, and then there are the necessary hard things they have to do...but don't want to do. These types of "hard but necessarys" are different for every household. In Eli's house, her "hard but necessarys" are getting her children to brush their teeth. In my house, it's getting my son to tolerate shots after his run with environmental shots. And it changes with every season. So my question to one of the most followed licensed therapists and mother of three is, "How do we get our Children to do Hard but Necessary Things?" In this conversation we explore all the paths on the "how to," and Eli throws in tips for how to do it all with a partner that might not be on the same "conscious" parenting path as you. Let us know what you thought about this podcast by rating and reviewing it on Apple podcast. Thanks for listening. I love connecting with you all here and in my weekly newsletter. Subscribe today on See you in your inbox and podcast library next Tuesday!
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