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Amanda Rogove - A Modern Mom Using Ancient Practices

June 6, 2023
Episode Summary:
I’ve been looking forward to this conversation with Amanda Bacon from Moon Juice on being a modern mom who also uses ancient practices. This is a really interesting practice, especially as modern convenience items and lifestyles are burgeoning before our eyes. In a world when convenience was once in a while, now it feels everyday. With illnesses, allergies, and autoimmune challenges becoming more prevalent, it begs us to ask, “What are we doing differently than just thirty years ago?” This conversation is an exploration in applying ancient wisdom to our modern practices. What’s realistic? What’s idealistic? Amanda shares a homesteading dream of hers, and confesses that it’s possibly just a dream…because she loves both the generation and growing of her thriving business and family life. I hope you enjoy this exploration we begin to excavate for curious minds. Let us know what you thought about this episode. Please rate and review the podcast on Apple podcast. Thanks for following along. I love connecting with you all here and in my weekly newsletter—which keeps you up to date on all my personal thoughts, recipes, podcast episodes, and things I’m loving. Subscribe today on See you in your inbox and podcast library next Tuesday!
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