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May We Be

I have loved and recited this prayer for years. I adapted it from Buddha's meditation on loving-kindness. It makes a great dinner blessing or impressive toast!

‍"May we be free from fear.
May we be liberated and glad-hearted.
May we be a friend of our bodies and thoughts.
May we live with ease and well-being."
Emily Nolan recording a podcast on the couch

My Kind of Life

with Emily Nolan

My Kind of Life is organized in seasons.

‍Season one and season two are about vulnerability and having brave conversations.

‍Season three is my social entrepreneurship project where I provide helpful resources to parents of children with food allergies and immune imbalances.

Feel free to pick and choose episodes as they apply to you and the season you're in.
baby in highchair
The Food Allergy Video COURSe

Fear to Freedom

This is my 6-month old son just before he was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies. As a parent, we want to do everything in our power to protect our child. But when they're diagnosed with life-threatening allergies, so much feels outside of our control.

My FREE pediatric food allergy video series will help you navigate your child's allergies.
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10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About My Child’s Food Allergies

When my son was diagnosed with food allergies, it felt like my whole world turned upside down.

This free guide is the hope I wish I had in that moment.
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Emily Nolan's work promoting well-being and supporting families through food allergy challenges is a game-changer around reducing the stress and rigidity that life can bring.
Tara Stiles
Founder of Strala Yoga

I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Emily—Mom, Wife, Writer, Podcast Host, Nutrition Professional, Food Allergy National Ambassador, Investor, and Social Entrepreneur.

I've also been a Yoga Instructor, College Athlete, and International Model.

These titles took decades of exploring my curiosities, accepting unique opportunities and circumstances, and showing up with courage.I have seasons, versions, and evolutions of myself. I invite you to think about your life in this way.
"Emily is the real deal! She has that special gift of being able to communicate her message in a way that is honest, empowering, inspiring, and compassionate.

Her story is relatable and her solutions are achievable...

Confidence, courage, and taking ownership of our health have never been more important in a world filled with marketing gimmicks and medical misinformation.
Joe Cross
Documentarian, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
"Having a food allergy mom friend is one of the most important components of your care team post-diagnosis. Emily is the next-door girlfriend we all wish we had -- the mom who has lived this food allergy life -- is educated, rational, supportive, and can hold your hand and tell you everything will be alright. She has interviewed top food allergy experts across the country to create this course, and leans on her previous experience in nutrition and wellness to provide a positive, multi-layered approach to managing allergies."
Hillary Tolle Carter
Food Allergy Mom and Advocate
Prevent Food Allergies in Your Babe
For pregnancy and parents of babies up to 4 months
Manage and Minimize Your Babe’s Food Allergies
For parents of babies 4 months - 4+ years
Food Allergy Essentials
Essential information for food allergy parents
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