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Meet Emily

Hi! I'm Emily.

I'm a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Podcast Host, Writer, and Food Allergy National Ambassador.

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Sure, mine might be different from yours (I'm guessing "topless yogi" or international model--at 16 different body sizes--isn't on your resume), but it doesn't matter: We're all just doing the best we can to make the most of our one and only life.

And that's easier said than done.

We're often on the go. Someone always needs something from us. We don't always have the resources—financially, emotionally, or socially—to get what we need.

On days when the only "self-care" we can manage is a 94-second shower, it can be tough to figure out what well-being might actually look like. Much less gather our own thoughts on what feels important to us.

I created a private community on Substack so we can think through things that feel important to us, together. Even if it's a quick line or two you write in the school drop-off line.

Our community conversations bring transformative, eye-opening perspectives and thoughts from all over the world. I invite you to join our conversation.

You're allowed to change.

I've navigated a number of seasons in my life, and I'm willing to bet you have, too.

I've been a plus-size model and a marathoner.
I've had breast implants and explants.
I've struggled through disordered eating and infertility.
I've preached self-acceptance and been plagued by self-loathing.

Through it all, I've learned and grown and changed. And if you want to, you get to do that, too.
Board of National Ambassadors, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
Master's Certificate in Nutrition, Cornell University
Top 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness, MindBodyGreen
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​​Emily lights up a room with her enthusiasm and authentic desire to be of service to others. Always open to sharing her life’s experiences, to encouraging women through the thick and thin of their journeys, Emily is a joy to spend time with... She’s the real deal.
Perrey Reeves
Award-winning actress on Entourage
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Emily’s story and advice are a ray of hope and sunshine for overwhelmed parents. Everything she shares--body image, food allergies, motherhood--feels important!
Amri Kibbler
Co-Founder & CCO, HeyMama

Let's connect in my private Substack community.

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