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Danika Brysha - Raising Healthy Children Without Projecting Our Past Body and Eating Challenges Onto Them

April 26, 2023
Episode Summary:
I finally get a chance to sit down and chat with Danika Brysha, founder of Self-Care Society and treasured model friend of mine from “back in the day.” Danika and I have both overcome so many body challenges—eating disorders, orthorexia, body Dysmorphia and more. Now, in our new season of life as mothers, we dive into how we’re navigating raising healthy children without projecting our past body and eating challenges onto them. It’s a tricky topic and I hope our conversation gives you a few takeaways to help you along your journey. A couple of my favorite things in this conversation are: When Danika talks about intuitive eating and how this philosophy and approach to health could be improved upon Body and food neutrality, and Getting back in touch with our bodies Let us know what you thought about this episode. Please rate and review the podcast on Apple podcast. Thanks for following this podcast I Am Emily Nolan. I love connecting with you all here and in my weekly newsletter—which keeps you up to date on all my personal thoughts, recipes, podcast episodes, and things I’m loving. Subscribe today on
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