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Dr. Ciaccio - Prebiotic Fiber + Probiotics in Immune Health

May 2, 2023
Episode Summary:
Dr. Ciaccio is the doc I wish all moms could have on speed dial 24-7. Fortunately for me, I got an hour of her undivided attention and got to ask her questions like: How can we prevent food allergies in our baby? Do probiotics work? Are they worth it? Can you explain prebiotics? Why is prebiotic fiber so effective in calming the immune system? How focused on Whole Foods, diversity, and flavors should we be with our children’s diet? What do antibiotics do to the gut? How can we support our health or our child’s health if we have to take them? Early allergen introduction. What is the science saying? How do we do it? Why is it important in preventing food allergies? Vitamin D and it’s relationship to the immune system and overall health. So much talk about sugar right now. Help me understand what it does to the immune system? Thoughts on the Standard American Diet? If you could change it, what would you change? Postbiotics are the future? What’s a postbiotic? How does the mother’s diet preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum (when giving breastmilk) affect baby and health outcomes? This episode meets the modern woman in every season of life—preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and raising a healthy child. Dr. Ciaccio sticks to the science so we don’t need to sweat Dr. Google. If you want to hear more from Dr. Ciaccio, let us know when you rate and review the podcast on Apple podcast. Thanks for following this podcast I Am Emily Nolan. I love connecting with you all here and in my weekly newsletter—which keeps you up to date on all my personal thoughts, recipes, podcast episodes, and things I’m loving. Subscribe today on See you in your inbox and podcast library next Tuesday!
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