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Ingrid D'Aquin - Befriending Imposter Syndrome

April 25, 2023
Episode Summary:
Oh man. Or should I say, oh mama? Ingrid D'Aquin is my personal life coach. In this episode, we jump right into the challenges modern moms have once they become mothers. Choosing work paths as a mother--navigating work from home, staying at home, or working outside the home. We talk about the importance of sisterhood, not competing with other women, and letting your spouse or partner parent in their own way. My favorite part of this episode is towards the end, when Ingrid talks about doing what matters to you. Not Instagram or an algorithm. Because we don't die with our followers. We die with the memories we made and the energy we created. Note to listener: There are F* bombs and profanity in this episode. They felt essential so I left them in. If littles are around, you may want to pop your earbuds in.
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