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Hustle Like A Mom

March 14, 2023
Episode Summary:
Hustle Like A Mom was created to redefine what it means to be a working mom, and help women that wish to align their personal and professional aspirations. On this episode, Pamela Peckerman shares tips for organization and how to structure our lives to be more effective moms and mompreneurs.
Episode Show Notes:

1:10 - Emily introduces the episode contents and the guest, Pamela Peckerman.

2:15 -Pamela begins with sharing her background that led to her motivation to start her movement, Hustle Like A Mom.

4:20 - Pamela shares how she stays organized as a mom during a busy season. She gives her planning tools and hacks to help balance her business and personal life.

9:50 - Emily and Pamela discuss the importance of understanding your values and how they impact your focus.

11:20 - Pamela shares some of her personal values to give the listeners inspiration when reframing their values. She goes deeper into the value system and how it can impact mom guilt.

15:15 - Emily shares a personal story about mom guilt while being a working mom.

17:00 - Emily and Pamela dive further into the topic of mom guilt. They discuss how it’s created and how to avoid it.

21:15 - Emily and Pamela shift to speaking about creating boundaries and being selective with what you chose to do. They give advice on being realistic about your own life and not comparing yourself to others.

26:20 - Emily and Pamela discuss paper vs digital planning and which is more effective.

28:40 - Pamela explains what the “inner circle” is.

31:25 - Emily shares how overwhelming it can be to work in entrepreneurship after becoming a mom and trying to find your own path to follow. Pamela and Emily discuss finding your own way and not having to do exactly what other moms are doing.

34:40 - Pamela answers some fun rapid fire questions to wrap up the episode.

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