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The Mother Untitled Movement

March 7, 2023
Episode Summary:
This convo with Neha Ruch was one of those moments that blew the roof off of my limited thinking as to what’s possible for high achieving women who take a career pause to raise children… we talk a lot about the gray area that goes unexplored in motherhood. The in-betweens. The paths less taken. Motherhood and careers are not black and white. There is so much space to chart our own paths. I just love this conversation.
Episode Show Notes:

1:05 Emily shares how she and Neja met as well as how much Neja's movement, The Mother Untitled Movement, changed her life.

1:35 - Neja joins the podcast by explaining how The Mother Untitled movement came about. She shares what it is, how it originated, and what her motivation was to create it. Neja shares about the battles she overcame to get this place she calls the "gray area."

6:00 - Neja goes into detail about where her bravery came from to overcome those battles and how she learned to believe in herself.

8:50 - Emily shares how Neja has impacted her business mindset to fit her life.

10:05 - Neja stresses the importance of giving yourself permission to trust yourself and embracing the grey area.

11:00 - Emily shares her battles as a food allergy mother and the seasons she has been through as a mother. She goes in-depth on research behind the battles food allergy parents face and how that has led her to start her food allergy course.

13:40 - Neja discusses the topic of pausing careers. She talks about the many dimensions to this and reasons as to why people may need to pause. Focusing on what is necessary right now.

15:50 - Emily shares a story about coming back from Italy and answering the question about what she does. Neja shares her advice on how to answer that complex question as well as how to handle the conversation of “what do you do?”

22:15 - Emily and Neja discuss the idea of income sharing as a couple and considering things as a team. They share more on the idea of looking at things as a partnership and looking at what you’re contributing even if it is not monetary.

26:00 - Neja shares more about the worth and load of caregiving. How important it is and the importance of recognizing this.

27:05 - Neja gives her advice for working moms to keep their identity and embrace the Mother Untitled mission. She shares where to find resources for mothers trying to go back to work and balance it all or how to decide what is best for you. Neja informs us more on the idea of flex work opportunities and creating limits.

32:00 - Neja answers Emily’s question on how mothers taking an empowered pause longer than a season can find confidence to stay in the pause and feel valuable even with a gap in their resume.

37:00 - Emily asks Neja some fun rapid fire questions to wrap up the episode.

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