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Microbiome and the Immune System with Ara Katz

October 14, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Ara Katz about the Microbiome and the Immune System. Ara is the CO-CEO and Co-founder of Seed as well as a mother who has devoted her life to studying the human body and microbiome. This episode is very informative as we divulge in-depth what prebiotics and probiotics are and how they can be beneficial to our children with food allergies. We share measures we take to better care for our microbiome and what we have learned throughout this journey.
Episode Show Notes:

(0:55) - Emily begins the episode with a story about a time she was navigating Oliver's food allergies. She shares what she learned throughout this process and how she chose to approach this oftentimes challenging journey.
(4:25) - Emily introduces Ara Katz.
(6:00) - Ara informs us about what prebiotics and probiotics actually are and what they do for our bodies.
(10:40) - Ara explains more about what the PDS-08 (pediatric synbiotic) is that Seed launched, what it does, and how it is beneficial to a child's microbiome. She also goes into more detail about children's overall health and how this research helped create the synbiotic.
(15:00) - Emily and Ara discuss factors that can help avoid developing food allergies and how allergies can form. Emily shares how she is helping to build her son Oliver’s immune system to fight off his allergies. They go into the history behind allergies and what research now shows about our bodies and food allergies.  
(25:35) - Emily shares about the precautions she took at the beginning of her son's food allergy journey and what she learned from this.
(27:35) - Ara shares more about the microbiome and how we can explain it to children. Ara goes into great detail about how complex the microbiome is and the things you can do to better care for it.
(33:35) - Emily shares her personal experience on why learning about the microbiome is important and how she has been able to apply this knowledge to improve her son's allergies.
(35:25) - Ara explains how probiotics in some things can be a gimmick and what to look for in products that are marketed, including “probiotics”.
(40:45) -  Emily shares how she uses the Seed pediatric synbiotic for her son Oliver and what other supplements and ingredients she adds to make it the most beneficial for him. Ara recommends how she would use the product.
(46:35) - Emily asks Ara rapid-fire questions.

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