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Early Allergen Introduction and Tolerance Training with Meenal Lele

October 13, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Meenal Lele about early allergen introduction and tolerance training to benefit parents of children with food allergies--and children not yet diagnosed with food allergies. Meenal is the author of The Baby in the Biome and devotes her life to helping parents of children with food allergies. This episode is informative as we discuss the microbiome and immune system and their effects on allergies. Emily and Meenal also share their personal struggles as food allergy mamas and how they overcame them.
Episode Show Notes:

(0:55) - Emily introduces Meenal to the podcast.
(1:45) - Meenal talks about early allergen introduction, what it is, and how to do it with young children.
(3:55) - Meenal shares about the product she developed, Lil Mixins. She tells us how Lil Mixins originated, what the product does,  and how it can be beneficial to give to our children as early as four months old.
(7:30) - Emily shares her personal experiences raising her son Oliver and the challenges she faced navigating his allergy journey. Emily and Meenal discuss the baby-led weaning feeding method's benefits and drawbacks.
(11:35) - Meenal shares more about the correlation between how allergies are developed via skin contact.
(13:25) - Meenal discusses the myths behind tolerance training and clarifies when and how to introduce foods.
(19:15) - Meenal goes into detail about her book, The Baby and the Biome. She tells what we can find in her book based on her research.
(21:10) - Meenal and Emily discuss more on the immune system and how the things in our environment that we come in contact with can affect us. They give tips to help boost your immune system and offer beneficial tips that you can do for your body as well as your home/environment to stay safe and healthy. Emily and Meenal share personal stories on how they navigate their day-to-day lives to better help their children.
(30:20) - Meenal tells what she is currently working on and the behind-the-scenes and what is going on in her mind. Emily gives us an update on what she is doing to better herself, as well as her son Oliver.
(34:00) - Meenal and Emily share ways to apply positive psychology and reframe your thoughts.

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