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Social Well-being for Food Allergy Children with Dr. Ayelet Fishbach

October 12, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Dr. Ayelet Fishbach about social well-being for food allergy children. Dr. Fishbach is a professor at the University of Chicago and the author of Get It Done: The Science of Goal Setting. This episode provides tips on what parents and caregivers can do to help food allergy children.
Episode Show Notes:

(1:00) - Emily begins the episode with some background on Dr. Ayelet Fishbach. 

(1:40) - Dr. Fishbach joins Emily on the podcast by giving some background on what inspired her to begin her research on food allergy children. She shares how she conducted this research and what came of it. 

(5:35) - Emily and Dr. Fishbach discuss the quality of life when children are diagnosed with food allergies. Dr. Fishbach gives caregivers advice to better improve the social impact of food allergy children. 

(7:50) - Dr. Fishbach tells about her thoughts on children going to a school that accommodates their allergies as well as sharing about classrooms incorporating allergen free protocols and how this impacts the child's wellbeing. She talks about eating around others with a food allergy.

(13:20) - Emily shares a story about her son going to school with his autoinjector and how this prompted a conversation about allergies amongst him and his young friends. Emily asks Dr. Fishbach her thoughts on making a child's food allergy public.

(17:30) - Emily and Dr. Fishbach discuss emphasizing to children to communicate their uniqueness. They share their encouragement to not let food allergies take over the identity. 

(21:45) - Dr. Fishbach gives her tips on normalizing food inclusivity and how to navigate food allergies amongst a family. She also shares her advice for parents of children with food allergies. Emily and Dr. Fishbach discusses what they've learned through their own experiences as well and how it affects them. 

(34:00) - Dr. Fishbach transitions into focusing on mental health and how lonely the journey can be when raising a child with severe food allergies not only on the child but also the parent. 

(36:30) - Dr. Fishbach discusses the science of motivation and how to deal with feeling overwhelmed in navigating your child's food allergy journey. She goes into detail on therapy methods that can help as well. 

(40:35) - Emily responds to Dr. Fishbachs information sharing her own experiences on how she got started in therapy to aid her son Oliver’s food allergy journey. She tells how she is trying to build the best environment for her sons well-being. 

(41:55) - Dr. Fishbach gives her own advice for situations in which your support systems are not making changes to make a food inclusive environment.

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