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Epi First, Epi Fast with Red Sneakers for Oakley

October 12, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Merrill Debbs of the Red sneakers for Oakley Foundation about using epinephrine first and fast in an allergic reaction. The goal of this episode is for you to walk away with the confidence you need to save your child’s life in a food allergy situation. Merrill shares her heartbreaking story of losing her precious son, Oakley, (trigger warning–it’s at the end of this episode) the importance of advocating for your child with food allergies, and how important it is to practice and establish confidence in emergency situations.
Episode Show Notes:

(1:30) - Emily shares her experience when receiving Oliver's auto-injector and her struggles about when to inject when dealing with her son’s food allergy reactions.
(4:30) - Merrill gives her story of receiving the auto-injector and how stressful it was and how this inspired her to start the Red Sneakers for Oakley Foundation.
(5:50) - Emily and Merrill discuss finding confidence and not doubting themselves in emergency situations. They share how to create an action plan, how and when to inject, responses to anaphylaxis, and overcoming your worst food allergy fears.
(7:15) - Merrill shares if there is a wrong time to inject and how important it is to know the difference between food allergies and intolerances. She tells us about getting tested for food allergies and how to spot major and minor allergic reactions.
(9:25) - Merrill shares scenarios of when we should inject epinephrine and factors such as clothing to be aware of when injecting.
(11:15) - Merrill elaborates on the Red Sneakers for Oakley foundation and the programs they offer to help children become trained to inject and recognize signs of allergy reactions. She talks about what they are doing now to help spread the word, advocate for food allergies, and assist in emergency situations.
(16:40) - Emily and Merrill share stories of how to prepare for situations that would require an autoinjector like roleplaying to make everyone feel confident, prepared, and safe.
(20:30) - Merrill shares Oakley Debbs's story.

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