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Preventative Measures and the "6 Ds" with Dr. Tina Sindher

October 10, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Dr. Tina Sindher, clinical associate professor of medicine and pediatrics at Stanford. Tina focuses on allergy and immunology and shares her tips on managing and minimizing allergy symptoms. She gives her insight into what she learned throughout school and her experiences treating food allergy children at Stanford to help us become better informed on what is true when handling allergens and preventing allergies. She gives tips on what to do in our day-to-day lives to help our children and answers the burning question, “Why is the food allergy diagnosis happening so often now?”
Episode Show Notes:

(1:30) - Emily gives a brief background on Dr. Tina Sindher.
(2:15) - Dr. Sindher joins Emily in sharing what the “6 Ds” are and how they impact our children’s food allergy development.
(5:45) - Dr. Sindher and Emily discuss how to navigate life after an allergy diagnosis as far as what to avoid and how to become immersed in the environment.
(9:15) - Dr. Sindher and Emily talk about and compare the outdoor vs. indoor environment in different scenarios. They share the good, the bad, and the gray area of all environments and what to look for that can be harmful or beneficial to our children’s well-being.
(15:00) - Dr. Sindher shares with us how much we can actually control our immune system and food allergy reactions. She tells us what we can do in our day-to-day lifestyle, diet, and environment that impact our child’s health. Emily shares some things she likes to do with her son Oliver as well.
(18:30) - Emily and Dr. Sindher explain the link between allergies and the microbiota. They go into detail on if we can reverse generational loss that impacts our children.
(20:50) - Dr. Sindher concludes by giving her optimistic hopes for food allergies in the future.

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