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Creating Safe Environments for Your Food Allergy Child with Elijah-Alavi Foundation

October 9, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Thomas Silvera, founder of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation. Thomas shares his son Elijah's story in order to bring awareness to creating safe environments for children with food allergies. He shares how important this issue is and gives tips on how to build confidence as a parent as well as ways to ensure your child is safe when not in your presence. Thomas advocates for ways to take control of and build confidence in living with food allergies. We discuss more on what the Elijah Law is and what laws can protect our children with food allergies.
Episode Show Notes:

(2:15) - Emily gives a brief history of Elijah’s Law on food allergy safety for child daycare programs.
(5:00) - Emily welcomes Thomas to the podcast. Thomas shares his family's story and background. (6:30) - Thomas tells us how we can best set up safe environments for our children with food allergies when outside of the parents' care (school, businesses, parties, etc.).
(13:25) - Emily shares her personal experience of checking in with Oliver's school on their food allergy response and safety measures. Thomas shares why we should not feel bad for this, how often we should check in, things we should review with admin as parents, and advice on keeping relationships positive.
(19:00) - Emily and Thomas share the importance of creating a checklist to create safe environments in your child with food allergies' daycare or school.
(25:30) - Thomas shares what the Elijah Foundation is doing now to expand the law and how we can help implement legislation in other states.

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