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Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding, and Food Allergies with Christy Gardner, RDN

October 8, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Christy Gardner, RDN about breastfeeding versus formula feeding and how this impacts food allergies for children. Christy Gardner is a Registered Dietitian focusing on pediatric nutrition. With her work in pediatric hospitals, Christy helps mothers get answers to their questions about their breastfeeding journey to make it most beneficial for their children.
Episode Show Notes:

(0:50) - Emily starts the episode by sharing her story of when her son Oliver's food allergies developed and how this affected her breastfeeding journey.
(2:55) - Emily introduces Christy Gardner to the podcast and tells what Christy has done throughout her career in pediatric nutrition.
(4:10) - Christy begins by explaining what the dietary rules are for parents offering their breast milk and how beneficial breast milk can be as well as formula. She explains the process of breast milk being donated and what to look for when using donated breast milk to ensure it is safe.
(8:30) - Christy answers the burning question of if parents should remove allergens from their diet when breastfeeding their children with food allergies.
(11:15) - Christy tells us what signs we should look for in children ages 0-6 months who have not had solid food yet. She goes into what to do to help differentiate and diagnose signs of reactions.
(16:15) - Emily shares her experiences on the food allergy journey and working in partnership with her healthcare team.
(18:00) - Christy weighs in on breastfeeding and if she sees it as beneficial for children with food allergies and how long you should breastfeed for optimal advantage.
(22:00) - Emily tells about her breastfeeding experience and her advice from her journey.

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