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Less Common Food Allergies with Christy Gardner, RDN

October 7, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Christy Gardner. Christy is a registered dietician specializing in pediatric nutrition. She has worked in pediatric hospitals and has done nutrition research on pediatric food allergies. She uses science-based evidence to help patients and tells us how to best help our children with food allergies.
Episode Show Notes:

(1:05) - Emily discusses how different food allergies present themselves in different ways.
(3:00) - Christy informs us about the less common food allergies: EOE, EGID, and FPIES.
(8:00) - Christy explains how to approach diagnosing what kind of food allergy your child has and how to begin this journey. She shares what to expect in the beginning stages of the diagnosis and what tests will be done.
(11:20) - Christy explains what is going on in children's bodies when different allergies present themselves.
(15:15) - Emily and Christy explain how speech and occupational therapy can be beneficial for children with food allergies and dietary restrictions.
(17:15) - Emily shares her own personal experience working with her son Olivier and how she incorporates creative ways to help him with his food allergy journey and keep it positive.
(19:20) - Christy explains if we can use the autoinjector in emergencies with less common food allergies.
(20:15) - Christy talks through how these less common food allergies can affect the food-allergic child's future and if there is a possibility for the child to outgrow them. She also explains if there is a treatment or cure for these.
(27:20) - Christy informs us about possible studies, challenges, and trials for children to participate in to better assist their food allergy journey as well as how to join them.
(29:45) - Christy wraps up by telling what she currently offers and how you can set up virtual visits with her.

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