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Post-Traumatic Growth with Rabiya Karamali

October 6, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Rabiya Karamali, an outstanding Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) grad from UPenn, positive psychology instructor, mindset coach, and fellow food allergy mama about post-traumatic growth. This episode goes through all the stages of grief, finding flow, and how to positively overcome the obstacles that being a caregiver to a child with food allergies presents.​​ 
Episode Show Notes:

(0:40) - Emily shares a vulnerable story about how difficult her journey was when she discovered her son Oliver’s food allergy. She confesses the struggle and what she did to get out of the “doomsday” mindset. She segues to how she began her food allergy course, Fear to Freedom.
(6:30) - Rabiya starts the conversation by sharing her journey as a food allergy mama and how she came to positive psychology.
(8:55) - Rabiya explains the differences between traditional and positive psychology and shares which practices in positive psychology she found to be most beneficial for her and her son who has life-threatening food allergies.
(14:00) - Emily and Rabiya discuss the idea of coming back to the present moment and using breathwork to relieve stress and fear.
(15:50) - Rabiya shares the statistics, research, and studies that support the application of positive psychology.
(17:45) - Emily discusses the concept of food curiosity and finding ways to make food fun even with food allergies. She also shares about her relationship with food and how she uses that experience to create positive a positive relationship with food for her son Oliver.
(22:40) - Rabiya walks us through her pillars of positive psychology. Rabiya and Emily discuss the process of grieving in the food allergy journey.
(31:10) - Rabiya and Emily give their advice to newly diagnosed food allergy parents. They speak on resilience and getting through moments of wanting to give up.
(37:00) - Rabiya shares some of her favorite practices, teachings, and books from positive psychology for food allergy parents.
(41:15) - Emily and Rabiya discuss their postpartum journeys and protecting mental health with boundaries.

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