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Food Allergy Master Class with Dr. Courtney Blair

October 3, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I ask Dr. Courtney Blair, board-certified allergist and immunologist, every question you could think of when your child is first diagnosed with food allergies. This episode is an informative master class for anyone looking to become well-informed on the topic of food allergies and what that diagnosis means for our food-allergic child. This episode aims to be a resource you can come back to over and over again throughout your child's journey with food allergies. 
Episode Show Notes:

(1:00) - Emily tells a story about when her son, Olivier, was diagnosed with food allergies. She speaks about the complexities and complications of this journey, and how she felt going into it on day one.  
(5:25) - Dr. Blair tells us what happens in a child's body when they have an allergic reaction and explains how complex the immune system is. She also explains the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities.
(10:40) - Dr. Blair shares common signs of food allergies, what to be aware of, and advises the audience on what to do to become better informed on what to look for.
(17:45) - Dr. Blair explains how to use the autoinjector and how to measure the severity of the situation based on the conditions of symptoms and the environment.
(25:00) - Trauma is processed in the body and our food-allergy children are no exception. Emily and Dr. Blair discuss dealing with the trauma of an allergic reaction and the psychology of oral immunotherapy. They share their tips on the most beneficial way to respond to allergic reactions not only for themselves but also for the child. They also discuss how to help cope with this trauma after the situation has passed.
(33:45) - Dr. Blair suggests some food allergy responses may be handled at home--it may not always be an emergency room visit. She also explains more about what is done in the office to test for food allergies.
(40:45) - Dr. Blair explains the allergy testing process so we can know what to expect. She carefully explains how to understand the results.
(45:20) - Dr. Blair then tells what the next steps are after you receive the allergy test results. She explains what Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) is as well as suggests her thoughts on when you should start this it is a huge commitment for the child and family.
(50:35) - Dr. Blair advises us on what to look for when selecting an OIT program for your child. She tells what questions to ask, what research to do beforehand, and how to look into what the facility offer.
(53:30) - Dr. Blair gives us, "real talk," and lets us know the reality of OIT and how to prepare and decide if it is the best route for you.
(55:20) - Dr. Blair gives her thoughts on whether it is beneficial to address the root causes of inflammation and gut health with a child who has food allergies.
(59:55) - Dr. Blair and Emily share the products they recommend for food or environment allergy children and how to best care for the skin.

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