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Complementary Care with Grace Ganel

September 28, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Grace Ganel, a licensed acupuncturist, about complementary care for food allergy children as well as general practices in acupuncture. Grace gives some history behind acupuncture to better inform us on what it is and how it can be beneficial to our children and the caregiver. 
Episode Show Notes:

(1:05) - Emily begins the episode by giving a background on who Grace Ganel is.
(1:45) - Emily and Grace start their conversation about discussing what acupuncture is and what to do outside of acupuncture to make the most of its benefits. Grace also gives some information on her experience and background.
(7:10) - Grace shares about the clearing method known as Way Chi Clearing and discusses what we can do to protect our bodies against things such as inflammation and viruses.
(14:00) - Emily gives advice on doing less and how this can help your overall well-being as well as your children's. She talks about overscheduling and the stress this can add to everyone.
(14:40) - Grace tells of how little we can do to be more intentional. She reaches on the mind, body, and spirit and how these come together to merge as one.
(17:00) - Emily applies this to food allergy children and how everything becomes interconnected. She tells her beliefs on incorporating complementary care and how helpful it is.
(17:40) - Grace goes into detail on food allergy children and how the internal mind connects with the physical body. She shares what she does as a complementary provider to help these children.
(19:15) - Emily and Grace share about the fear and trauma that comes with having food allergies not only for that child but also for their parents.
(20:20) - Grace shares what complementary care can be most effective for what that child and parent are looking for as well as when you should begin this care.
(24:05) - Emily shares how she likes to differentiate identity from getting linked to having food allergies. She tells of how she does this and why she finds it important.
(26:10) - Grace tells you where you can follow her and find more of her content.

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