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Skin Barriers with Jessica Iclisoy

September 26, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Jessica Iclisoy from California Baby about healthy skin barriers and their relationship to developing food allergies and eczema. This episode’s topic is a vital piece to the puzzle in helping us develop our child’s developing immune system and overall safety, which is our ultimate goal.
Episode Show Notes:

(2:30) - Emily shares her son’s food allergy diagnosis story and the connection between dry skin and the immune system.
(4:30) - Jessica talks about creating healthy skin barriers and why it’s so important for children.
(5:30) - Jessica talks about the intuitive skincare routine she established for her kids as a new mama. She also talks about how she discovered known carcinogens in children’s skincare products that she used on her kids, before establishing California Baby, which was marketed to her as natural and organic.
(8:30) - We learn about how most soaps strip our children’s skin of their lipid layers that keep environmental and food allergens out.
(9:45) - Jessica talks about the launch of her company, California Baby, and what they put in their products. She also mentions how “greenwashing” can be so confusing for a consumer.
(11:00) - Jessica shares her life’s mission to create safe and natural products for children and families.
(13:40) - We learn what Jessica’s skincare ingredient red flags are and how important it is to educate consumers and parents.
(16:50) - Jessica reveals the process that packaged products have to go through–like sustaining high temperatures–in order to be shelf-stable.
(19:00) - California Baby’s manufacturing process is revealed to us.
(21:00) - What to look for on labels when your child has eczema.
(24:40) - Emily talks about an absolutist mindset versus the mindset of doing better while advocating for your child and learning the entire way.
(27:00) - Emily and Jessica agree that when we educate ourselves, we can free ourselves from the identities we cling to out of fear, like being the food allergy kid.
(28:45) - Jessica dishes on the best skincare routine for a newborn child to age 4.

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