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Pediatric Nutrition and Food Allergies with Monica Auslander Moreno, RDN

September 23, 2022
Episode Summary:
On this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Monica Auslander Moreno, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist and Founder of Essence Nutrition in Miami, FL. She talks about navigating food allergies from her personal experience as a food allergy mama. In this episode, we also discuss filling nutritional gaps and the role some foods play in psychological nourishment. Be sure to listen in until the end of the episode, where Monica gives us her strategy of how to dine out when your child has food allergies.
Episode Show Notes:

(2:30) - Monica answer’s Emily’s question about navigating labels and giving packaged snacks.
(4:30) - Monica dishes her favorite go-to snacks for toddlers.
(6:00) - Emily and Monica talk about cross-reactive allergic proteins like cashew and pistachio, and latex and banana.
(8:00) - Emily gets advice from Monica about how to keep her kid at the table when eating so that they’re not complaining that they’re hungry after the meal. Monica emphasizes routines, inviting toys to the table, and giving children food options.
(11:45) - Monica gives advice on how to positively engage our partner and other caregivers that help us feed our child.
(14:00) - Monica gives her opinion on filling nutritional gaps when your child has food allergies.
(16:30) - Emily and Monica talk about encouraging food curiosity and the benefit of using foods that are physiologically nourishing and not necessarily focused on filling nutritional gaps.
(19:00) - Benefits of breastfeeding with food allergy kids. Also, exposure to the environment, dogs, vitamin D, and dirt.
(20:30) - Prebiotics and probiotics. What are they?
(26:30) - Emily shares her story of breastfeeding and her child getting diagnosed with food allergies. She talks about what the doctor told her to do, and how he gave her formula with allergens in it. Emily did not accept this as an option for her family. Hear more about what direction she went in.
(29:15) - Monica confirms what we have to do as a mama (and our diet) when breastfeeding a child with food allergies. You don’t need to take the allergens out of your diet if you're breastfeeding your child with food allergies unless they have a dairy allergy. As always, consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or your child’s diet.
(32:00) - Monica shares that in the absence of a diagnosed food allergy or digestive issue, you do not need to eliminate any food group.
(34:50) - Monica shares how to dine out with a child with food allergies and her favorite food allergy apps.
(39:25) - Emily gives her tips for traveling with a toddler who has food allergies.
(41:10) - Emily asks Monica, “How do we stop projecting our fear of food allergies onto our children?”

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