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Softening with Tara Stiles

September 22, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Tara Stiles, best-selling author and Founder of Strala Yoga. Tara is going to teach us how to soften ourselves to lower our heart rate and anxiety as well as impact our child’s well-being, including in emergency scenarios. She takes us through two simple practices we can do every day to apply more ease into our already hectic and stressful daily lives.
Episode Show Notes:

(3:00) - Tara introduces her philosophy on softening and feeling better.
(8:00) - Emily encourages us to practice softness, especially in emergency situations, because it lends us to think more clearly, think of options, and communicate clearly and calmly.  
(11:25) - Tara explains what Wu Wei is and why she wants it to be the most popular slogan in wellness. “Use what you need, rest what you don’t.”
(13:45) - Tara takes us through a standing and sitting softness exercise.
(22:45) - Emily recaps the softening practice and offers tips and takeaways.
(27:00) - Emily’s son, Ollie, makes his podcast debut.

Additional Resources:

Strala Yoga

Pediatric Food Allergy Essentials

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“EMILYNOLAN” - The discount is three months for $30 for the monthly subscription (then it goes to the regular $19.99). It also works for 1/2 off the annual membership (usually $199.99 a year goes to $99.99). Go to to set up the account. It works there or wherever you get your apps, Strala Yoga app for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.

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