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Well-Trained Emergency Mindset with Amanda Kranski

September 21, 2022
Episode Summary:
In this episode of Whole-Body Health©, I chat with Amanda Kranski, EMT, firefighter, and Infant Swim Resource (ISR) instructor. Amanda is going to walk us through how to respond to emergencies like a child’s anaphylaxis with confidence and calm (we hope). We’ll get the cliffs notes version of how emergency responders train for emergencies, and how we can apply those practices in our home when our children have an emergency.
Episode Show Notes:

(2:25) - Amanda tells us what she learned and practiced daily as a firefighter and EMT to cultivate her well-trained emergency mindset.
(3:30) - Amanda explains the “function and fix it mode.”
(6:00) - Amanda reminds us of the ABCs (Airway, breathing, circulation) in emergency response.
(7:00) - Emily talks about how denial of the food allergy diagnosis prevented her from educating herself on how to protect her child.
(11:20) - Amanda explains how we can manage multiple personalities and distractions in an emergency scenario.
(13:20) - Amanda answers how to get the emergency action plan across to family members or caregivers who aren’t taking your child’s food allergies seriously.

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