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Two Well-Being Tricks I've Been Able to Integrate Into My Full Schedule

I've only recently started getting a schedule together for Oliver, and more, for myself! Having a newborn baby and winging it all the time can be exhausting and such a wonderful, delightful time suck. That being said, with the little time that I do have to focus on my strength and well-being, I have found a few tricks that I have been able to integrate into my full schedule.

The first trick is to take the time in the morning between Oliver's wake up time and first nap, and get some yoga and core strengthening exercises in. I still have a tiny bit of residual lower back pain from carrying a baby for nine months, and my tendons are tightening back up to bring my body back into it's normal shape. And when I mean shape, I don't mean size, etc, I just mean that pregnancy moves everything around to make room for the babe, so during postpartum, it's all gotta go back, which has growing (or shrinking?) pains of its own.

The second trick I've found to be w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l is to keep Health Warrior's quick, nutritious Protein Muffin breakfast (and snack) options available at all times. I am breastfeeding Oliver, so to do so successfully, I have to maintain my nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle that supports us in the process. I love the Health Warrior Protein Muffins since they're a quick way to provide my Earth Suit some support along the way in my well-being journey.

If you have any food allergies, the Protein Mug Muffins are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free, with 12g of plant based protein and 6g of sugar. To try them out, use code "PrettyBrave20" for 20% off your entire Health Warrior order.