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Three Really Fun and Health-Conscious Egg Hunt Hacks (For Next Year)

I'm a part of a Facebook group called, Feeding Littles, and I never realized how many parents are on the hunt for treat options that aren't loaded with sugar and are allergy-free (that's me!) until I saw a comment thread in the group a mile long with suggestions. I was surprised to see so many candy options, when there are so many little things that can be shoved into an Easter* egg (for the sake of the article I may use the term Easter egg just to refer to those bright colored eggs. By no means is this a religious piece).

Fortunately (for me), Ollie and his closest buddies are still too little to be chomping on sugary marshmallows, so naturally, I had to find Easter egg options that the littles could enjoy.

Three things that really worked, and would work for kids of all ages, were:

1. Stuff bigger eggs to scatter throughout the hunt with Health Warrior's new Strawberry Shortcake chia bars (they're cute and pocket-size). Kids will love getting a "big" egg, and the snack is nutritious (full of Omega 3!) and has only 3 grams of sugar. The bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO--so perfect for the kiddos with allergies (you can tip off those kids to look for the bigger eggs, too, so they're not dissapointed). You can get 15 bars for under $20. Get 20% Off any purchase at Heath Warrior with code "PrettyBrave20".

2. Stuff one color of Easter egg with finger puppets. You don't have to necessarily color code the finger puppet eggs, but I did so that the parents of infants could find them with their babies. Very cute. I bought 20 finger puppets on Amazon for under $20.

3. Get a wad of one dollar bills and one twenty and fill some of the eggs with money. The kids go gaga over the money. Seriously, you'd think it was Wheel of Fortune. Sadly, I had to stay home during the egg hunt with Ollie while he napped. Matt went with our nephews and the other adorable kiddos to the park down the street to hunt eggs. Even without being there, I can tell you this, the money was a hit! My nephew came running back in the door exclaiming, "I got the twenty!" I know it's a stretch here, but hunting for money could also be a good counting and addition exercise for the young ones. :)

Do you have any health-conscious egg hunt hacks?

Ps- how cute is this pic of Ollie trying to kiss is great grandma?*We keep all of our holidays "all-faiths welcome."

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