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Three Healthy Drink Obsessions (Recipes)

Ever since my trip to Sir Adam in Amsterdam, I have been obsessed with infused water. Especially since becoming pregnant! It’s one of my biggest cravings! Since pregnant women require constant hydration, especially since I’m an athlete, infused water has become my daily practice, and the millions of fun combinations of fruits and herbs keep the flavors interesting to my taste buds.

Matt and I keep a huge glass pitcher of infused water full in our fridge all times. This encourages us to reach for water first, because usually when we’re feeling bored or “snacky”—and not hungry, it’s usually because we’re actually thirsty.

Infused water offers a ton of flavor and lots of health benefits that come with the fruits and herbs you infuse the water with. Here are three of my favorite recipes. I’d love to know what your favorite infusions are when you play around with combinations at home.

Bonus: Ask HR at your work to set up a huge pitcher of ice cold infused water in the snack room! This encourages everyone at work to drink more…and it makes drinking water fun!

1. Grapefruit and cucumber

2. Cucumber, lemon and mint

3. Ginger and lemon (grate the ginger and leave it in a nut milk bag/tied cheesecloth and soak it in room temp water overnight)

Here are some more combinations I want to try—especially with jalapeño! I’m craving spicy foods! Wonder if that means I’m having a boy or a girl?

Let me know what you think of these recipes and if you have some combos you’ve made up on your own!