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This Should Be a Medicine Cabinet Requirement in Every Child's Home

This post is sponsored by Nature’s Way. I’m excited to be partnering with the brand to celebrate its 50th Birthday! Since 1969, Nature’s Way has been helping people live their best lives through the gifts of nature.

Matt and I love love LOVE Nature's Way Sambucus products.

We love their gummies (my mouth is watering just thinking about them) and the Nature's Way Honey Lemon-Berry Hot Drink. And now, finally, Ollie can join in on the preventative side of health and well-being by introducing Nature's Way Sambucus for Kids, which can be used for children 1 yr+.

In the kid's Sambucus Immune Syrup, Nature's Way uses an herbal blend with multiple types of Echinacea to support our kiddos immune system, and adds the benefits of Propolis to provide a specialty formula with the needs of children in mind.* And their unique, full-spectrum black elderberry extract is made with a gentle, solvent-free extraction method. Their elderberry extract ensures Flavonoid BioActives®, which has been tested and shown to be active within the body. Amazing!

Seriously, if I can go the non-pharmaceutical route to keep my kid well, I will. All Ollie needs is a teaspoon of the Nature's Way Sambucus for Kids a day. We LOVE the taste of Sambucus Elderberry in our house, so we mix Ollie's daily serving into his morning yogurt for color and a huge burst of flavor! There are so many ways to incorporate it into children's nutrition plans though: you could add it to maple syrup and pour it over pancakes, mix it into applesauce, and even stir it into their water.

Or, if you're a purist, you can squirt it into your child's mouth using a syringe, too. All ways are tasty and sooooooo good for them!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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