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The Question You've All Been Asking

For those that are following me on social media, "Are you still in Miami?" I'm here to put your questions to rest.

The answer is, we've relocated to the Washington, DC area.I feel pangs of sadness leaving Miami and our dream home, but I've learned that things are things and friends can span cities.We decided to move to the DC (Virginia) area to be closer to my family since air travel during a pandemic is non-existent. It also happens to be where I grew up. Additionally, we came to Northern Virginia to get Ollie access to cutting-edge healthcare. What I learned about Miami is that it has the highest rate of medical malpractice lawsuits, which is evident in many healthcare practices. We saw wonderful doctors who could not help us because they were afraid to get sued. This is especially true with food allergies and espousing cutting-edge treatments, research, and science in immunotherapy. In fact, each pediatric allergist that we saw in Miami never once mentioned options to treat food allergies other than strict avoidance. As it turns out, strict avoidance of allergens is way more dangerous, in my opinion. We live in a peanut world. Tree nuts will always be around. Allergens are everywhere.

So to have our child have access to a therapy that can desensitize him to the allergens he has immune responses to is life-saving, and I say that in an unexaggerated way. My Food Allergy Mamas (FAM) know all too well the lengths we'll go to keep our children safe and healthy.

So for now, we're on to Washington, DC,(Northern VA to be exact) and we could not be more excited to reconnect with old friends, make new connections, and thrive in a community where we feel supported by intellectually curious doctors committed to our well-being. And...we can't wait to see Ollie's face the first time he sleds down a snowy hill. :)

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