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The Best Gift for Grandparents: Nixplay

Once I saw first hand just how much Matt and my parents sacrificed and gave, only to welcome their new grandchild into the world, I knew we had to get them something really special as a thank you and congratulations gift. They are, after all, having a grandchild, and in my parent's case, their first!I reached out to my best friend and fellow mama who is always extremely well researched and she told me that the best gift she and her husband ever gave to their parents was a Nixplay Seed Wi-fi Cloud Frame when their son was born. After doing a bit of my own research on the picture frame, I began to see why it was such a great gift to give grandparents. I could set up each digital picture frame on one account and upload photos of their new grandson on the Nixplay app, which is incredibly easy and quick. From the comfort of my home in Miami, and on my cell phone app or laptop, I can send Oliver's grandparents new photos to their living room in seconds.I've included a few sneak peek maternity photos from my shoot with Mary Beth Koeth, that I uploaded into each grandparent's frame before Oliver comes. I gave these frames to our parents at Ollie's baby shower last week, and they we're all excited to know they'd get constant updates without having to do lift a finger or read a manual. All our parents have to do is sign the photo frame into their wifi account with the remote that comes with it, and then plug it into the wall. It's as easy as that, and the slide of photos we've selected for them will appear on beautiful display.

I ended up selecting the black 10 inch widescreen Nixplay Seed frame for each grandparent. They're timelessly beautiful, modern, and go with any decor. After opening each box and setting up the accounts on my computer before sending it to our parents, I fell in love with these picture frames. I know I'm super hormonal at almost nine months pregnant, but even if I weren't so pregnant, I still think knowing that Oliver's grandparents will see him every single day, and get updated photos all the time, makes my heart so full. It makes me think that even though some of his grandparents live a plane ride away, they will still feel as close to their grandson as I was to my grandparents when I grew up with them down the road. That family connection is worth every penny to me, and I'm so grateful to Nixplay for making such a beautiful and easy to use digital picture frame to bridge the long distances between our family.

The Nixplay Seed Wi-fi Cloud Frame is available in four sizes: 8 Inch ($139.99), 10 Inch ($179.99), 10 Inch Widescreen ($159.99), and 13 Inch Widescreen ($239.99). The 8 Inch and 10 Inch models come in either Black, Blue, Mango, and Mulberry finishes. The 10 Inch Widescreen and 13 Inch Widescreen models come in sleek Black only. The photos come in stunning color and clarity on a 4:3 High Resolution IPS Display. The slim woven power cable in the back doubles as an adjustable stand. The frame comes with a remote control for easy access and supports JPEG, PNG, and BMP photo formats.

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You can use the Nixplay Web App to access your photos--simply upload them from your computer or mobile device, or link it to your social media platforms to access your images easily. The frame automatically rotates the orientation to view your images in either portrait or landscape mode, and it has a built-in Hu Motion Sensor detects movement, turning the frame on and off automatically. During setup, I opted to save energy and have the frame's sleep sensor turn on when there is no motion detected after five minutes. The frame's intelligent design and display automatically dims and brightens to best display your photos according to the room’s ambient light level.I hope you enjoy the Nixplay Seed frame as much as Matt and I do, and the 10% limited time discount!