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The Best CBD for Aches and Pains

I know it's time we're all conscious consumers, so when it comes to purchasing products, especially right now, I look for products I'll use and need every day.

Since we are self-quarantined, I've been able to wake up early and go for a run (which feels more like pushing a sled!) in the streets with Ollie while no one else it out. Being out in nature offers me sanity, even if it's a short jog or walk outside.

Recently, my left knee has been aching towards the end of my jogs. Not enough to quit but enough to need some special attention.

I have been using the Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel and it's been alleviating the pain and stiffness in my knee. It allows me to move for fun and I don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals as the product is all-natural. There is no THC in this product--it's very simple and effective.

Also, Matt's REALLY enjoying the Pachamama Black Pepper Turmeric Hemp Supplement tincture at night. It's full of all the anti inflammatory ingredients, like black pepper and turmeric, which I love to use every day in my recipes to keep us all well! You could not ask for a better CBD tincture combo!I still haven't been able to take the tinctures because I'm nursing, but with the company's third-party research and feature on the website where you can search the exact amounts of ingredients in your individual bottle, Pachamama offers the best CBD product on the market.

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