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Summer is about Rejuvenation, Not a Bikini Body

This post is sponsored by Nature’s Way. I’m excited to be partnering with the brand to celebrate its 50birthday! Since 1969, Nature’s Way has been helping people live their best lives through the gifts of nature.

I want to impart something new on the topic of quieting that mean inner critic when we try on swimsuits, wear tank tops with our arms exposed, and go out in jean shorts that highlight our inner thighs.I would like to encourage you to relearn what summer is truly about. Summer is about rejuvenation.

Everything that was dormant in the winter is blooming and growing. We get to be outside for longer hours of the day, embracing the social connection we longed for as we bundled up in isolation all winter. The sun shines for longer hours, giving each of our bodies' circadian rhythm more time to enjoy in daylight.

There are tons of fruits and vegetables in season, and we can use that to our advantage in the kitchen. We can have fun nourishing ourselves with all of the flavors and textures our fresh produce offers us, instead of concerning ourselves with dieting or depriving ourselves. We can grill outside (make sure to grill at low temperatures to avoid high blood pressure caused by heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAAs) -- chemicals formed when meat protein is charred or exposed to high temperatures) and enjoy meals al fresco.

The farm to table movement is truly a wonderful summertime experience that can teach us a lot about rejuvenation and nourishment. The foods with the highest nutrients are the ones that are in season and not brought to the grocery store by a truck.

Do you have a local CSA box you could join to encourage nourishing habits in your home? Wouldn't it be fun to convert all of the energy we spend thinking about how we look in a bathing suit into energy spent growing an herb garden that will nourish and rejuvenate our bodies?

I'm a big fan of switching the conversation when I find myself focused on what I can't have, or shouldn't eat, or an inflexible exercise schedule. I flip the conversation into one of recipes I can have despite allergies or old untrue stories I've told myself about calories or fat. I focus on what I can do to move and how much fun it is to be present with all of this fresh produce in the kitchen, making something delicious for my family and friends.I know I need to stop and take some time to come back to my breath when my mind wanders back to "diet and deprivation" mode. Our lives are so abundant, even with the limitations many of us have been given (physical, mental, health...).

This summer, let's focus on the incredible life that our body provides for us, and let's feed that thought with nourishing food, lots of rest, movement, and natural supplements and topicals that can support our well-being.I love to exercise outside when the weather gets warm (who am I kidding, it's always warm in Miami!). In the summer, my yoga schedule picks up to avoid the intense sun and heat and my early morning runs with Ollie become more frequent. I continue my morning meditation and breathing exercises to be sure not to compromise my intuition.

Meditation also helps me check back in with myself, which is at the top of my list of things that make me feel rejuvenated. I love to know that I'm making decisions that feel good to me and for my family.I also use Nature's Way Arnica Cream after I exercise to assist in over-exertion of muscles. Arnica decreases inflammation and soreness*, and should be in everyone's first aid kit. Children can also use arnica on any bumps and bruises.

If I pick up a new movement routine that really leaves me sore, I can also pair Boswellia from Nature's Way with Turmeric for a better anti-inflammatory response. Every situation is different and if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it's always best to check with your health care provider before supplementing.

Join me and Nature's Way on or after International Yoga Day, June 21st, on IGTV (@iamemilynolan) for my morning meditation and movement routine. I'll be sharing how I use radical self-acceptance to create peace with my body.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.