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Something I've Never Really Told Anyone About

There's something I've never really told anyone about, and I (bravely) want to share it with you for several reasons.

One, because talking about it makes me actually think about it and it seems to make it worse.

Two, because I'm still unsure of what it is and I'm also pretty sure of it--and I've had it for as long as I can remember.

And three, because if my insurance company gets a hold of this article I'm certain they'll bill me for preexisting conditions...somehow! Oh, insurance.

Anyway, here's why I'm really sharing this. I have lived with chronic muscular pain in my neck and shoulders my entire life. I always thought the pain was caused by wearing a heavy catcher's helmet for most of my childhood, teenage and adult life. Maybe the weight of the helmet and constantly throwing it off quickly did something to exacerbate the muscles in my neck and shoulders? Who knows. But I remember going to school and sitting through 7th grade Math class in such incredible pain, that all I could think about was the chronic pain, pressing my little fingers into my neck trying to release my muscles instead of focusing on the lesson. But I never said anything, not even to my doctor, because I thought it was normal.

On top of it all, the pain still disrupts my breathing and makes me feel like I'm having an asthma attack--and it gets worse when I talk about it. It's so awful, I tell you. And I know how awful it is, because now I know it doesn't have to feel that way.

If you've had chronic pain or some condition you've dealt with your whole life, you might think it's normal, too! But I can tell you, it's not! My girlfriend gave me a sample of CBD body lotion from the most awarded and well-researched company, Pachamama. She never knew I suffered from severe head, neck and shoulder pain (because again, I always thought it was normal, so why tell someone about a pain we all "have"?).

One night recently, I was in such intense pain and fighting for my breath, that I instinctively grabbed my CBD body lotion and rubbed it all up and down the top of my neck to my traps. I was desperate! What happened next made me an absolute convert.

Within a minute, my pain and spams were gone!!!!!!! I got my breath back. I've spent my whole entire life in pain with extra painful spasms and flare-ups, and this gentle cream healed my spams immediately! No tingly creams, no repulsively strong fragrances. Just mother nature working miracles at its best. Incredible!!!!

So I thought I'd share this with you since it's something that really gave me some serious quality of life back, in case I can help you or someone you know with any aches or pains. If you'd like to try a Pachamama CBD product, you can use the code EMILYN10 for 10% OFF. I promise you, it's the best.

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