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One-Minute One-Cup Double Chocolate Muffin

This is just too good to be true. I am a huge lover of nutritious snacks. My diaper bag is choc-full of them...and now I have a new snack that's super special because it's chocolate. And who doesn't love chocolate x2?

Delivered in the form of a warm muffin. That takes less than one minute to cook?!

The kicker here is that the Health Warrior Double Chocolate Protein Mug Muffin is actually free of the big eight allergens! I can't tell you how many baked goods have egg or other allergens in them that keep me from enjoying them--unless I make them on my own, which takes a fair amount of planning and mixing during Oliver's nap times.

Totally doable for big holidays or birthdays, but, A LOT.

On the other days, when time is of the essence, these Health Warrior Double Chocolate Protein Mug Muffins are my jam!

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