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Kindred Bravely: My Favorite Nursing Bra

If you're a nursing mama, you know that your babies (I mean the ones on your chest) need extra special care. They need comfort and support, and also protection from those real, sexy leaks.I polled my Instagram audience for the best nursing bras on the market, and the answer can back loud and clear: Kindred Bravely. I now have all of their nursing bras--if you're like me you can go through two or three in a day--and I must say they're all my favorite. I have some for daytime, nighttime, and yoga. And I wear them all, all the time. :) This includes their ahhhhhhmaaaaaazing nursing pajamas that I will live in this fall and winter! Please do yourself a favor and get these flattering PJs (I wear a Large). Also, their Organic Bamboo Nursing Breast Pads are like Cadillacs for the nips: big, fat, and oh soooo comfortable.

Not only are the Kindred Bravely nursing bras the best on the market (which is supported by all of the awards they've won) but the brand is also a movement that encourages moms to support and celebrate each other. Even their packaging made me tear up when I got it in the mail.Their packaging says, "As a Mom of two little ones I know what it's like, the long days and even longer nights, the isolation (OMG YES! I added this. Lol), the doubt, the euphoria. As a nursing mom I started designing clothing for me because I wanted something comfortable. I am not the heart and soul of this brand though - you are. You are all your little one needs (Okay, this is where the tears came for me!). You are the right mom for your child (thank you!). You are enough (phew!). We will always embrace: love, generosity, gratitude, and bravery. You are so amazing - don't ever forget that."When I read this I was like, "OMG, you get me!!!! Wahhhhh!" Haha. #hormones and also REAL LIFE.

Behind the scenes, Kindred Bravely employs more than two dozen work-at-home moms, who share Deeanne’s mission and values; we are grateful, generous, brave, encouraging. That is not only so cool, but so inspiring. I hope as a female entrepreneur I can also continue to support other women and work-at-home the photographer Christina Craddock who took my beautiful Kindred Bravely nursing shots!What makes your brave?Use code "EmilyKB20" for 20% OFF your Kindred Bravely purchase.