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How to Find Peace When You’ve Lost a Loved One

Today marks the 18th anniversary of my grandfather passing away and my stepmother's father passing away.

With this, I wanted to share a message I sent my stepmom today in an effort to console her heart and lessen her mourning. If you’ve lost a loved one, I hope this can bring you some peace.

Before I lose some of you when I start talking about Jesus Christ, I want to preface what I'm saying by telling you that this story has no religious affiliation. I'm simply offering an energetic truth that love cannot be destroyed.

Recently, I read an interesting translation of Jesus Christ saying to Mary Magdalene, "Noli me tangere," interpreted to, "Do not cling to me," after he had been resurrected. The interpretation by author and Harvard Divinity School graduate, Meggan Watterson, was that Jesus Christ was actually insinuating that he is not his flesh (no one IS their flesh)— he is what he was before flesh and after flesh which is that unconditional energetic spirit called love.

Jesus was telling Mary that she didn’t need to mourn or "cling to him" and his physical being because he was in her heart. He wasn’t outside of her the way that we perceive things to be separate here on Earth. He was already in her heart. They were one. Unified.

know losing someone you love can leave you feeling gutted. I hope this reminder that your loved ones are in your heart today and every day give you even a pinch of peace, soften the lines on your face, and open your heart to receiving his or her unconditional love.

From the heart,Emily

Image: Noli me Tangere

by Antonio da Correggio, c. 1525