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HALO Sleep: The Best Baby Bassinet and Sleepsack for Modern Moms

When we were expecting Oliver's arrival, I did a ton of research on the appropriate bassinet. I worried that I'd have to splurge on a $1200 modern bassinet, and I admit, I was pretty intimidated by the price tag. The company with the expensive bassinet seemed to take advantage of the pain point that is a first time mother's fear of losing a ton of sleep to an inconsolable newborn, which fortunately hasn't been the case for me. Before I spent the big bucks on a bassinet that cost more than most king size beds, I asked around, did my research, and decided to get the HALO Bassinest Premiere paired with the best sleepsack, the HALO Sleepsack swaddle.

The HALO Bassinest Premiere has a unique design that scoots under your bed for mom's comfort (my bed doesn't have space below it, so I just pull it up close to me). The bed vibrates, plays music, has a night light and a breast feeding timer on it. The HALO Bassinest Premiere comes with all the bells and whistles that the incredibly expensive bed came with, so I didn't see the logic in spending more than I needed to.When we were in the hospital recovering after labor, I loved that the nurses wheeled Oliver over to my bed in a clear bassinet so I could see him all night. Who doesn't want to spend every waking minute staring at their new baby? If you're anything like me, and I hope you're not, almost every night in the beginning of postpartum (okay it still happens on occasion!) I wake up in a panic and think I fell asleep with Oliver on my breast or while burping him, I've let him go and he's fallen off the bed.Thankfully the HALO Bassinest has see-through mesh lining, so I can rest easily knowing I've put him back in his bed safely, without having to jump out of bed and check on him.

I love the modern minimalist style of the HALO Bassinest, and how strong and sturdy it is. I can easily click the top bassinet piece off of the main base and bring it into my living room or kitchen and pop it into the HALO Bassinest portable stand so I can continue my chores around the house while Oliver sleeps next to me.

I swear by the HALO Sleepsack swaddle and promise I'll keep Oliver in them until he's fifteen years old. He absolutely loves snuggling in them and come on...aren't swaddled babies the cutest? The HALO Sleepsack swaddle is the number one rated sleep swaddle on the market with thousands of five star reviews, mine being one of them.

HALO Sleep is giving away a HALO Premiere Bassinest and one HALO Sleepsack on my Instagram page! Make sure to follow the rules on the IG post so you can enter to win over $300 worth of products.