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Four Things I'm Doing to Get Better Sleep

Mother Earth is a wonderful healer. I have some big personal news to share soon...but for now, I wanted to share my favorite Pachamama vegan hemp CBD capsules.

Lately, my head has been spinning with thoughts. I'm not getting the deep rest I need, so before bed, I've created a routine to help support my sleep and relaxation.

1. No electronics in bed.

It's so easy to hop on my phone and get into a hole. I really have to fight myself with this one and not get on my phone at all.

2. Read before bed.

Reading calms me down and redirects my thoughts from the day.

3. Meditate in bed.

I play my Calm app while laying in bed.

4. Pachamama Vegan Hemp Capsule before I wind down for bed.

I love that the Pachamama CBD capsules are perfectly measured so I know exactly how much CBD I'm taking each time. If you’re looking for the highest-quality CBD, Pachamama is hands down the best. There are so many CBD companies selling false products that are poorly made and don't work. When made properly, CBD is an amazing supplement, tincture, and topical to use for a variety of things--pain, sleep, energy, relaxation...Pachamama extracts their CBD from vapor (super clean, even though that description is so overused). Some of the Pachamama formulas have absolutely zero THC, which were safe for me to use while nursing.Use code Emily15 for a discount.

Disclaimer: If you're pregnant or nursing, please check with your doctor to see if it's safe to use CBD.

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