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5 Ways I Stay Sugar Conscious While Pregnant

As soon as I got pregnant, my girlfriends shared their horror stories of gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes you can get while pregnant. What I learned, is that gestational diabetes is for the most part, random. So don't be afraid of getting it--we have little control over it, and the control we do have looks a lot like being conscious of where our sugar is coming from.

Here are the five ways I've stayed sugar conscious while pregnant:

1. I reach for whole foods snacks like fruit.

2. I try and pair my sugar with fat, protein and fiber to control my blood sugar levels.

3. I pack smart, low sugar snacks that nourish my body and still allow me to enjoy sweet bites. My favorite smart snack is Health Warrior Chia Bars. They're 100 calories, have 3g sugar, and are made from real food. My new favorite flavors are Mango and Banana Nut--tastes just like a banana nut loaf from a bakery!

4. I try and choose natural drinks with zero sugar like water, sparkling water, and Spindrift or Zevia. If I want something sweet like lemonade, I like to cut the sweet with sparkling water and make a fresca style drink over ice.

5. I try not to obsess about sugar intake and allow myself indulgences. Whenever I obsess over any type of food, my body and mind play tricks on me. I allow myself bites of whatever I crave, and that helps me manage any cravings before they get out of control.

If you're almost 28 weeks pregnant and going into your glucose test, don't be afraid! The drink tastes like a small cup of sweet Gatorade. Just go with the flow and do the best you can with your diet, eating smart snacks and whole food nutrition when as often as you can. I passed the test, in case you were wondering. So glad I don't have to track my food for the last 11 weeks of pregnancy. There's already so much going on in our lives with the book proposal for Pretty Brave and our home renovation...oh, and the baby!

Additionally, I don't fear sugar. I allow it into my life when the occasion arises, and I never obsess about it. If you follow these five guidelines, you're doing the best you can! Be kind to yourself.

If you have any tips you'd like to add, please share in the comments!